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Why is Penetration Testing Important?

Simply put, penetration testing, also called “pen testing”, is like a mock cyber attack on your system. Why do we do it? Well, to pinpoint any weak spots that real hackers might exploit. This might involve trying to break into various parts of a system, like APIs or servers. The goal is to spot any places where unauthorized actions can happen, often due to vulnerabilities in the code. After a pen test, the insights we gather help in strengthening your system’s defenses, especially against threats like XSS, Injection flaws, and CSRF.

So, why choose Aquiras Systems for this job? Firstly, we specialize in penetration testing. Our seasoned team ensures your application stands strong against cyber threats. Furthermore, we offer a suite of top-notch pen test services, all under one roof, to cater to all your security testing needs.

Now, you might wonder, why is all this necessary? Imagine a university’s website or an online business tool. These platforms manage vast amounts of data, from student records to business transactions. Sadly, in a hacker’s eyes, these sites are gold mines. They might tweak them to tarnish a brand’s image, send phishing scams, or even leak sensitive data. The fallout? It ranges from small hitches to colossal damages, which could potentially shutter businesses.

The Penetration Testing Approach

At its core, our pen testing seeks to protect three main things: the system’s secrecy, its reliability, and its accessibility. How do we go about it? Our experts assess the setup and provide a detailed report. This isn’t just any report; it has proofs of potential risks and suggestions to nip them in the bud. And of course, we don’t just hand over the findings. We collaborate with your tech gurus to rectify any issues. Once they’re sorted, our cybersecurity assessment pros take another look to double-check.

But here’s a unique thing about us: Our playbook is the renowned OWASP testing guide, especially for web app security testing. More so, we lean towards hands-on manual checks over automated scans. Why? Because this hands-on approach exposes even the sneakiest of system weaknesses. And who better to run these tests than ethical hackers? Yes, they’re the good guys, and they ensure our checks are thorough and honest.

Starting a pen test isn’t an instant dive. First, we dive deep into understanding the system’s nuances, tailored to our client’s needs. Once we have a crystal-clear picture, our team zeroes in on every entry point. Only after this meticulous prep do we kick off the actual penetration testing.

Benefits of using Aquiras Systems

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Best In Class Services

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